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Keynote Speakers

International Society for Respiratory Protection

21st International Conference

“Respiratory Protection, Use and Users”

September 22-26, 2024

ISRP are proud to announce the following conference keynote speakers: 

Monday 23 September

Professor David Fishwick, HSE Chief Medical Advisor

Speaking on the importance of respiratory health and reducing inhalation hazards through the correct use of RPE


Monday 23 September

Alan Murray, CEO British Safety Industry Federation

Speaking on the Fit2Fit Fit Testing Competence Scheme and the Registered Safety Supplier Scheme


Tuesday 24 September

Lt Col Darren Mann, Royal Army Medical Corps

 speaking on the work of the UK PPE cell during the Covid-19 pandemic


Wednesday 25 September

Dr Gabriele Troescher, Personal Safety Division, 3M

Retiring President of ISRP and convenor of ISO SC15 respiratory protection speaking on respiratory protection Standards


Thursday 26 September

Professor Claire Horwell, Durham University

Professor of Geohealth in the Institute of Hazard, Risk & Resilience speaking on the community use of respiratory protection including use of RPE by children


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