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Instructions for Presenters

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19th International Conference
Instructions for Presenters

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The Planning Committee for the 19th International Conference of ISRP has closed the call for papers and posters.

We recognize that the call for papers for ISRP 2018 has closed earlier than is typical for a ISRP conference.  This was done to encourage earlier submissions and publish a preliminary agenda in the summer to allow prospective attendees to determine their interest in the technical content. 


At the discretion of the technical committee, additional papers may still be accepted.  Please submit your abstract (no more than 350 words) to .  Since the call for papers have closed, please note that you may only receive a reply if your paper is accepted for presentation.

Topics for submissions include:

Scientific research on respiratory protection.
Environmental conditions that require respiratory protection including natural disasters and infectious diseases and countermeasures to deal with them.
Technical development of respiratory protective devices, auxiliary parts and instruments for measuring the performance of respiratory protective devices.
Activities to promote good practice of respiratory protection.
International and local standards of respiratory protection and respiratory protective devices
Case studies on the value of respiratory protection in the workplace.

Respiratory protection device innovations or research and development.
Respiratory protection device research to support improvements in standards.
The role of respiratory protection in emergency response.
Other versatile studies on respiratory protection are also welcomed.

Note: Submissions that relate to exposure control and assessment while of value, will only be considered if they directly relate to the use, design, certification or role of respiratory protection in the workplace.

Roundtable discussions will be held on respiratory protection in healthcare and smart safety.  

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Presentations will include both platform presentations or poster presentations.

Please note the possibility that your application for platform presentation may be changed to poster presentation, or vice versa as the program is organized. A change made to your presentation will be noted in the formal acceptance, described below.

The requirements for presentations are as follows.

  1. Platform presentations are allocated 20 minutes including discussion time.
  2. Slide presentations should be created in Microsoft PowerPoint (2013). If the software used in your slide preparation is other than the 2013 version, please verify in advance that your slides operate normally using the Microsoft Power Point (2013) version.
  3. Posters should be mounted on boards that are 48” high by 96” long.
  4. The official language for presentations, both platform and poster is English. The slides and posters should be prepared in English.
  5. All abstracts will be published in English.
  6. The word limit for abstracts is 350 words and the word limit for bios is 150 words.


The process for the formal acceptance of the applied paper/poster is as follows:

The Technical manager will confirm receipt of your abstract via e-mail.

The Technical Committee will check your Application Form and review the abstract. Once the Committee determines that the paper has met the requirements, you will receive a formal acceptance e-mail with an Acceptance Number.

If the Technical Committee finds that the submission should be revised, the reviewer's advice will be sent to you, the author. Once revised you can resubmit the abstract to the Technical Manager for formal acceptance.

Accepted paper and poster Abstracts will be displayed on the Program page of the Conference home page.

Requests for the Presenters

Presenters who use the slides for their presentations should submit the electronic file in Microsoft PowerPoint to the Technical Manager by August 15, 2018. Your file should be named with your name and acceptance number.

Posters will be displayed during the entire conference in the foyer, along with the exhibits. The presenters of the poster presentations are asked to have their posters in place before 12:00 noon on September 16 and to stay near the poster to answer questions during the designated poster session time of 10:50 AM until 12:10 PM on Tuesday, September 18.  

Questions can be directed to the Technical manager by e-mail