The International Society for Respiratory Protection

About ISRP

The International Society for Respiratory Protection – ISRP, is a non-profit organization whose charter is to provide an educational and informational service to all individuals involved in respiratory protection.

The Society regularly convenes Regional and International Conferences at various locations around the world.

The main purpose of ISRP is to bring together occupational health and safety professionals in the field of respiratory protection. Members share their opinions, disclose their research findings, and share ideas through the Society.

The ISRP Journal serves as a major forum for discussion and research, while this website provides a more direct and informal venue for members; comments and queries.


Society's Aims and Objectives 

The objectives of the Society are to:

  • Enhance the health and safety of persons that use respiratory protection devices.
  • Encourage the development of Society Standards and best practices applicable to the development, implementation, and administration of respiratory protection programs.
  • Promote the research and evaluation of respiratory protection.
  • Improve the knowledge of respiratory protection through collection and dissemination of information, and to bringing together of persons interested in all aspects of respiratory protection.
  • Encourage the exchange of information amongst Government, Industry, Organized Labour, Education, Manufacturers and other Professional Organizations.
  • Establish the International Society for Respiratory Protection as a focal point for Society exchange of information.
  • Promote the effective use of respiratory protection devices in the developing world