The International Society for Respiratory Protection

President's Page

Dear Members,

As the global experts in respiratory protection, we are well positioned to contribute positively to the protection of people using respiratory protection.

We remain as we started in 1983, a non-profit volunteer organization.  Our 341+ members from our six regional sections are respected professionals representing a multitude of user groups, industrial hygienists, manufacturers, and regulators that are behind the standards and products that make up today's respiratory programs worldwide.     

I am indebted to the efforts of our outgoing past-president Mike Clayton whose vision for the new website and trailblazing relationship with IOHA are cornerstones of ISRP today.  I am grateful to have Lars Ronner provide his guidance in the role of Past-President.  While we are sad to have Bill Newcomb step down as ISRP Treasurer we are proud that Jessica Hauge has stepped up to take on the combined Society Secretary-Treasurer role.  And we get to welcome Eva Dickson, our new Vice-President, who has already started to make an impact on the society.  I am also welcome our incoming board of directors who have so kindly volunteered their time to serve the objectives of the society.

As a society we look forward to focusing on our three main goals: educational outreach, supporting and growing our sections, and improving our core society operations.

We have made educational outreach a key focus of the society and are pleased to have many volunteers to contribute to our mission.  Our plan is simple, we will leverage our relationships with organizations like the IOHA, WHWB, NIOSH NPPTL, and CUPPE to identify opportunities to distribute ISRP developed respiratory protection training materials and provide expert trainers.  Already through our partnership with Durham University, we have an opportunity to send an ISRP member to Indonesia to provide respiratory protection training related to protection from volcanic ash.

We recognize we have grown and changed over the last 6 years with the creation of the Greater China Section and the Korea Section.  We also recognize that our existing sections have gone through significant changes in leadership as retirements, market trends, and technology trends reshape our society.  We are eager to reach out and support the sections to better manage their membership through the website and as needed provide support to recruit new members.  

We will work to improve our core society operations.  With the new website , we now turn our attention to taking the journal fully digital and working to ensure it is delivered in a relevant format while supporting our editor, Ziqing Zhuang, to continue publishing a relevant professional journal.  We will support our new Secretary-Treasurer, Jessica Hauge, to make a smooth transition from Bill Newcomb.  We will, of course, ensure the Oxford 2021 International Conference Planning Committee has all the support it needs to run a successful conference.

I welcome your ideas, comments, and suggestions – please contact me at .

Michael Parham, President ISRP