The International Society for Respiratory Protection

President's Page

Dear Members,

As the global experts in respiratory protection, we are well positioned to contribute positively to the protection of people using respiratory protection, which is more relevant than ever in today’s environment.

We remain as we started in 1983, a non-profit volunteer organization.  Our 341+ members from our six regional sections are respected professionals representing a multitude of user groups, industrial hygienists, manufacturers, and regulators that are behind the standards and products that make up today's respiratory programs worldwide.  As a society, we look forward to focusing on our three main goals: educational outreach, supporting and growing our sections, and improving our core society operations.

We have made educational outreach a key focus of the society and are pleased to have many volunteers to contribute to our mission.  We have polled our members for their areas of interest in volunteering and have revitalized our education committee. We have recently contributed to the HIVE project on protecting individuals from volcanic ash, assisting with training materials and delivery, and are preparing to start to contribute in 2021 to the FACEUP project on protection of children from urban particulates.

As you can imagine, we have, as has the rest of the world, realigned the way we interact with others in the post-COVID-19 world. For the next while, our communications will focus on our web-based presence, including webinars from the European Section and the Americas section relating to COVID-19 response and new respiratory protection products. Our new website is up and running, delivering up to date information and links to our readers. We have a new presence on LinkedIn that we encourage all members to follow. Our journal is now fully digital, and we are now focussed on further improvements, including making it more visible by preparing it for access by indexing services. We have made many articles open access as they relate to provision of respiratory protection in the pandemic, and encourage authors to follow this model in future, as it makes their articles directly searchable. Lastly, we encourage our members to contact us with ideas for enhancing our on-line presence, as well as links to items of interest.

While we have had to postpone the society’s biannual conference originally scheduled for fall 2020 (Oxford conference), we hope that this pandemic will bring together the respiratory protection world in new ways to improve our capabilities and knowledge regarding protection from infectious diseases, and we encourage new members from the growing community.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Michael Parham our past president for all the work he has done to help the society, including acting as our ISRP webmaster and initiating the setup of our 2020 webinar series, and our treasurer Jessica Hauge for the hard work of keeping the administration of our society on a good footing. I would ask you all to welcome Gabriele Troescher as our incoming vice-president, whose current focus is on increasing our participation in international standards activities.

Finally, I welcome your ideas, comments, and suggestions – please contact me at .

Eva Dickson, President ISRP