The International Society for Respiratory Protection

ISRP Officers

Denver 2018 | Jessica Hauge, Menno DeJonge, Maryann D'Alessandro, Mike Lee, Mike Clayton, Seung Joo Lee, Hisashi Yuasa, Hyunwook Kim, Michael Parham, Isao Kuniya, Graham Powe, Ziqing Zhuang, Lars Ronner, Greg Olson, Bill Newcomb, Hiroshi Yamada, Colleen Miller, Eva Dickson, Simon Smith

The ISRP comprises various regional Sections that each elect Committee Members to an International Board. These processes are set out in the Society’s Bylaws.

The International Board currently comprises:

Officers Holder
President Eva Dickson
Vice President Gabriele Troescher
Secretary-Treasurer Jessica Hauge
Past President Michael Parham
Americas Section  
Greg Olson John Morris
Jon Szalajda Margaret Sietsema
European Section  
David Crouch Mike Lee
Karen Long Mike Williams
Japan Section  
Isao Kuniya Toshihiko Myojo
Hiroshi Yamada Hisashi Yuasa
Australasian Section  
Straff Graso Graham Powe
Korean Section  
Don-Hee Han Seong-Kyu Kang
Deog-jae Lee Jung-Keun Park
Greater Chinese Section  
Dr. Zhongxu Wang  Chen Weihong
Agents and Program Managers  
Journal Editor Ziqing Zhuang
Webmaster Michael Parham
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