The International Society for Respiratory Protection

Benefits of ISRP Membership

The benefits of ISRP Membership are: 

ISRP has several categories of membership to best reflect the needs of researchers, students and corporate entities around the world. By joining the ISRP you will be entering the number one professional forum within the broad field of respiratory protection. Research Institutions, National and International Agencies, commercial organisations, and universities all support the advancement of research and the application of respiratory protection in many different applications, by coming together with fellow workers and researchers in the forum provided by ISRP.

As students embark on their studies and early careers, ISRP is there to help with bursaries, awards and support from experienced specialists in the field. Government agencies propose new areas of need and research at our Regional and International Conferences, and of course, the real business of advancing the safety of our work forces and citizens gets hammered out in between all the formal presentations.

You can find out which membership will, best suit you, and how to join, here.

Which Section?

We have six regional section representing groups with common interests around the world. Have a look at our map and choose the regional section that best suits you. All our sections maintain similar interest and activities and as a regional member you automatically become an International Member