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About ISRP Australasia

The Australasian Section of the ISRP promotes the study of respiratory protection.  We believe it is extremely important to improve the knowledge of respiratory protection by gathering and disseminating information throughout our Section.  We encourage the study and interchange of information amongst industry, education groups, manufacturers and other professional bodies.  The International Society for Respiratory Protection Conference is a focal point for international exchange of this information and is an excellent way to gain new knowledge, network with experts and establish new contacts in the field of breathing protection.


Australasian Memberships are available for individuals and students who are engaged in respiratory protection activities.  We also offer a corporate membership for corporate bodies, private companies, or academic institutions engaged directly or indirectly in the field of respiratory protection.  The Australasian ISRP members are provided with a copy of the latest ISRP Journal, together with brochures for upcoming events. 


ISRP has been promoted at recent exhibitions, ie, Emergency Management Conference (EMC), Jena Dyco Mould Restoration Conference, Queensland Mining Industry Health & Safety Conference (QMIHS), the Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authority Conference (AFAC) and information as circulated at the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists Conference (AIOH). 



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