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About ISRP Korea

The Korea Section of the International Society for Respiratory Protection (ISRP) exists as the local organization for ISRP members living or working in Korea. Membership is encouraged for individuals or organizations with an interest in respiratory protection.

The following are the research gaps and activities of Korea Section.

1. Research Gaps:

  • Anthropometric Mask design for Korean Faces
  • Developing masks for Children
  • Design of the fit test panel for Korean
  • Design of the standard head forms for Korean
  • End of Service Life Indicators(ESLI) for canisters
  • Developing face shield and masks for health care workers
  • Developing devices for reducing pressure drop through canisters or filters
  • Developing filter media with less resistance
  • Developing lighter PAPR  
  • Solving interference of using eyeglasses and Full-face mask  

2. Activities

  • Annual conference in July
  • Newsletters : 2~3 times for year. Send out technical information as needed or newly developed. Also contains members information.  
  • BOD meetings : bi-annually and upon request from directors. Stipulated in the By-Laws.  
  • The Research institute under KSRP, conducting research for promulgating policy or setting standards for respirators use
  • Participating advisory committees for the government, industry and academia for technical matters

3. Language spoken: Korean

4. Members (29)

Individual Members 20
Corporate Members 6 (3M Korea, DOBU LIFE TECH, APM Engineering, TAEWON SIBATA, GVS Korea Ltd, EverGreen Co., Ltd.) / 8 person
Organization Members 1 (Korea Safety Equipment Association) / 1 person

5. Corporate Members

3M Korea 3M Korea
Dobu Life Tech Dobu Life Tech
APM Engineering APM Engineering
GVS Korea Ltd  GVS Korea Ltd
Evergreen Co., Ltd. Evergreen Co., Ltd.
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