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Newsletter – October 2022

1. 2022 European Section Webinar Summaries and Future Webinars

This year’s European Section online webinars are to be held in September (Basics), October (Silica) and November (Welding). We have decided to hold the webinar on Asbestos over until 2023 with the ambition to make it an in-person meeting.

The Basics of Respiratory Protection webinar was held on the 22 nd September and comprised of the following speakers:-

  • Dan Warkander - Respiratory physiology – How and why humans breath? - Senior Research Engineer US Navy Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory.
  • Dr Eva Dickson - Fundamentals of Filtering RPDs (Powered & Non-Powered) - Defence Scientist, Royal Military College of Canada and ISRP President
  • Radha Krishnan - How SCBAs and connected systems will solve your respiratory challenges - Segment Marketing Manager, IND SAR and APR. MSA

Number of Attendees: 36 The recording of the webinar can be found at the following link

Basics of Respiratory Protection | Sept 22 2022 | ISRP Education Programme - YouTube

The Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) webinar was held on the 13 th October and comprised of the following speakers:-

  • Tiny Conroy - What is RCS and where is it used - Pragma and Associates
  • Chris Keen - RCS Controlling Exposure - UK Health & Safety Executive – BOHS President
  • Eric Ball - RCS Case Study: HS2 Transportation Project - Park Health

Number of Attendees: 97 The recording of the webinar can be found at the following link

Respirable Crystalline Silica | ISRP 13 Oct 2022 - YouTube

Here is the link for registration for 24 th November webinar on Welding: The Multi-hazard Process:

Webinar Registration - Zoom

For each of our online webinars, and to support membership networking and collaboration, we are looking for members to present a short 5-10 min introduction to their company, research or other RPE related activity. These shorter ignite-type sessions will be embedded into the main educational webinar to help support membership awareness. Please contact the section chair or secretary, if interested or require further details.

2. Section AGM

The Section AGM was held on-line on the 22nd September. The minutes of the meeting have been sent to the members via email.

3. Other News

The principal officers of the European Section had a face-to-face meeting on October 17th . We have decided to ask Malgorzata Okrasa if she would act as Website Co-ordinator and she has agreed to this.

We agreed that a face-to-face meeting in early 2023 would be a good idea. The Secretary suggested STEAM Museum at Swindon (his home town) as a venue for the meeting on Asbestos. Mesothelioma is also known as the Swindon Disease and STEAM is sited in the old railway works, the source of the problem. We are looking for dates and investigating the capacity of the venue to host a hybrid live/virtual meeting. As a further incentive, if you come to STEAM, you get to look at the old steam engines!


Dave Crouch at
Chair ISRP European Section

Mike Williams at
Secretary ISRP European Section

October 24 th 2022

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