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ISRP Europe Signs up as a Supporter of Breathe Freely Campaign

On 28th April, 2015, ISRP President Mike Clayton joined over 140 invited guests gathered at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall in London for the launch of British Occupational Hygiene Society's Breathe Freely campaign. Those present were representing construction companies, trade associations, professional bodies, unions the media and he occupational hygiene community. 

The campaign aims to reduce the incidence of lung disease amongst construction workers. The tremendous turnout for the launch and the positive atmosphere in the room is a clear indication that there is growing awareness of the urgent need for a stronger focus on health within the industry. Click HERE to see the PowerPoint presentation from the event (3 Mb). 

This campaign aims to not only raise awareness that there is a problem which needs addressing, but also, provide the solutions. At the heart of the initiative is the Health in Industry standard which is a tool to help construction managers to understand how to control health risks properly. Speakers at the event included Professor David Fishwick, Consultant Respiratory Physician at the Centre for Workplace Health, Health & Safety Laboratory, UK. David gave a poignant talk about the nature of lung disease and how they manifest themselves. He left the audience with this message ‘You only have two lungs – look after them’. David’s slides include a clip from an interview with an ex-welder who contracted asthma through his work – an emotional insight which brings home what this campaign is all about – preventing others from suffering in this way. 

Clive Johnson is Group Head of Health and Safety with Land Securities. As a campaign Partner, Land Securities have been instrumental in bringing this campaign to fruition and Clive Johnson talked about his personal passion now for improving standards in health within the sector. 

The ISRP have signed up as a supporter for the campaign. 

Click HERE for more details of the Breathe Freely campaign

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