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The outbreak caused by the virus named 'SARS-CoV-2" and the disease it causes named 'COVID-19' continues.  This is an ongoing event and the situation will continue to evolve.  To stay up to date, please consult your applicable local public health resources for up to date information on the virus.  ISRP has been collecting resources and references provided by its members for the respiratory protection community.  CDC has prepared a FAQ document about respirators and their use.


COVID-19 Situation Updates

World Health Organization / Health topics / Coronavirus

United States

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / COVID-19 / Situation Summary

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Brief on Aerosol Transmission



Canada Public Health Agency / COVID-19

British Columbia Centres for Disease Control / Information on Novel Coronavirus

Ontario College of Family Physicians / Novel Coronavirus: Primary Care Guidance

United Kingdom

Public Health England / COVID-19: infection prevention and control guidance

Public Health England / Putting on (donning) personal protective equipment (PPE)

Public Health England / Removal of (doffing) personal protective equipment (PPE)


Respiratory Protection Resources

OSHA | Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

DOL - OSHA / CDC - NIOSH Hospital Respiratory Protection Program Toolkit

Canada / CAN/CSA Z94.4 Selection, care, and use of respirators

CSA Communities - Free COVID-19 Related Standards Access

Health & Safety Executive, Respiratory protective equipment at work, a practical guide, HSG53.

Appendix 6: Selecting RPE for radioactive or biological hazards’.

National Institute for Occupational Health Blogs and Inforgraphics

CDC COVID-19 | Healthcare Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

CDC COVID-19 | Respirator FAQ

Non-occupational Uses of Respiratory Protection – What Public Health Organizations and Users Need to Know

Breathe Easy, Part 1: How to Pick the Right Respirator for Your Emergency Kit

Breathe Easy, Part 2: How to Properly Use a Respirator in an Emergency

Influenza Pandemic and the Protection of Healthcare Workers with Personal Protective Equipment

Understanding respiratory protection options in Healthcare: The Overlooked Elastomeric

Facial Hairstyles and Filtering Facepiece Respirators


Resources and Articles

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control / Rapid Risk Assessment

Johns Hopkins University / CSSE / Mapping 2019-nCoV

ECRI COVID-19 Outbreak Prepardness Center

J Pathog. / Aerobiology and Its Role in the Transmission of Infectious Diseases

North Toronto Ontario Health Team | Toolkit: COVID-19

Sunnybrook Hospital | Donning and doffing instructions: PPE for novel pathogens

Control Banding Method for Selecting Respiratory Protection Against Bioaerosols

IRSST Control Banding for Bioaerosols Tool 

CAEP Recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department During COVID-19

ECRI | Use of Imported N95-Style Masks


Resources from Organizational Members

3M Technical Data Bulletin / Respiratory Protection for Airborne Exposures to Biohazards

3M Technical Bulletin / Comparison of FFP2, KN95, and N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Classes

3M Technical Bulletin / Respiratory Protection FAQ: General Public

3M Technical Bulletin / 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak