The International Society for Respiratory Protection

ISRP partners with the FACE-UP project

ISRP is a partner within the recently launched FACE-UP project (Factors Affecting Childhood Exposure to Particulates) that will run through 2025.

FACE-UP is a research consortium, funded by the UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund Programme, which will undertake research into the factors that affect children’s exposure to urban pollution, and how to provide appropriate harm reduction. The project will explore the contextual drivers that influence the suitability, effectiveness, and sustainability of different exposure reduction practices, and the motivation, opportunity, and capability within the communities for the behaviour change required for successful uptake.

ISRP’s role in the project is two-fold:

  • this year, to support the consortium in understanding the appropriateness of the performance of selected low-cost potential respiratory protection options suitable for children within Nepal and Indonesia, where the studies will take place, and
  • subsequently, to provide the project with a broader perspective on the current and possible future provision of respiratory protection for children world-wide, through interactions with its membership including respirator suppliers and manufacturers, standardization organizations, regulators, and researchers.

If you’d like to join ISRP in order to help with this and other education and research projects, or are already a member and would like to help, please contact .