The International Society for Respiratory Protection

ISRP FACE-UP Workshop Series

ISRP FACE-UP Workshop Series

Workshop 1: Explore and Document the Challenges with Respiratory Protection for Children

JUNE 26th 0800-1100AM PDT 1500-1800 UTC

ISRP is a partner with FACE-UP project (Factors Affecting Childhood Exposure to Urban Particulates) which is a research consortium undertaking research into the factors that affect children’s exposure to urban pollution, and how to provide appropriate harm reduction.

The ISRP Education Committee is planning a 3-event workshop series to address respiratory protection for children.

  • Workshop 1 will be held virtually on 26th June 2024, open to all. FREE. More details below. Register here: Zoom Registration
  • Workshop 2 will be held in person, in conjunction with our biannual global conference, which is taking place in Oxford, Sept 22-26. The workshop will take place on the 26th in the afternoon. Open to all. Costs associated. Registration is available now for the conference here:

ISRP 2024 Registration

Workshop registration is forthcoming.

  • Workshop 3 will be an invitation-only review of the white paper outline, before it advances to drafting by the Education Committee.

Workshop 1 is a FREE 3-hour virtual workshop on 26th June 2024 and will feature keynote presentations, followed by a 1-hour, optional, collaborative, interactive brainstorming session to compile and document facts.  

  • Why is respiratory protection needed for children?
  • What is the status of respiratory protection for children?
  • What are the gaps, issues, obstacles to children using respiratory protection?


0800-0805 Introduction

0805-0905 Dr. Stephanie Holm, Respiratory Protection in Children

0905-0910 Break

0910-0940 Professor Claire Horwell, FACE-UP Project Update

0940-0955 Dr. Simon Smith, Standard development - Lessons learned

0955-1000 Closing of speaker session, Opening of optional brainstorming session.

1000-1005 Break

1005-1100 Brainstorming in preparation for Workshop 2

Speaker Biographies:

Stephanie Holm, MD, PhD, MPH is a pediatrician, occupational environmental medicine physician, and epidemiologist, who is particularly interested in airborne exposures and how they contribute to pediatric health and well-being. She has led and contributed to multiple community-engaged research projects assessing the health effects of air pollution in California children including leading the AIM project (Airflow Improvements during Meal-prep), collaborating on the Children’s Health and Air Pollution Study (CHAPS), and serving on the leadership team for Cooking Electrification and Ventilation Improvements for Children’s Asthma (CEVICA).  Her ongoing research activities include work on outdoor air pollution and its effects on metabolic and neurologic outcomes in children, as well as work on cooking-related indoor air pollution and associated health effects in children. As a former Public Health Medical Officer within the California EPA, she also has a keen sense of how research can inform policy actions. Dr. Holm is also the Director of the Western States Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit (WSPEHSU)—a group that focuses on education and outreach regarding children’s environmental health. Dr. Holm serves as a member of the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Committee on Personal Protective Equipment, and the Advisory Council for the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Claire J Horwell is a Professor of Geohealth in the Institute of Hazard, Risk & Resilience and Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University, UK. Her research focusses on reducing the public’s exposures to air pollution events such as volcanic eruptions and urban air quality crises. She is currently leading a large consortium project – Factors Affecting Childhood Exposures to Urban Particulates (FACE-UP) – which is testing the suitability of respirators as interventions for children in Indonesia and Nepal. Claire trained as an environmental scientist and then as a volcanologist. Her research is highly interdisciplinary, working across the natural, medical, social and exposure sciences. Claire advises the UK government and helps international agencies, such as the World Health Organization prepare the health response for volcanic eruptions.

Simon Smith, PhD, ARCS, CChem, FRSC(UK) is retired from a career in respirator filter design with 3M Canada, where he worked to develop and support products for a wide range of applications world-wide.  He has contributed to standards development for over twenty years and currently voluntarily serves in working group leadership roles for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group) in areas addressing respiratory protective equipment performance and use.  He has served as President of the International Society for Respiratory Protection and as Chair of the Respiratory Protection Committee of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.