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Alexander, Y. 1999/17/IV Terrorism in the Twenty-First Century: Threats and Responses 
Alston, S.; Powell, L.; Stroud, P.; Brown, R. C. 1997/15/II  A Workplace Study of the Use and Maintenance of Respiratory Protective Equipment against Vapour 
Anderson, A.; Sullivan, F.; Bardsley, S.; Jensen, R. 2009/26/III-IV The Effect of Respirator Wear on Blood Lactate During Maximal Exertion 
Anderson, N. J.; Cassidy, P. E.; Janssen, L. L.; Dengel, D. R. 2006/23/I-II  Peak Inspiratory Flows of Adults Exercising at Light, Moderate and Heavy Work Loads 
Bailey, A. E. 1999/17/I  Effects of Female Facial Dimensions on Full Face Respirator Fit 
Bancroft, B. 1999/17/II  Workplace Fit of Full Face Mask Respirators — A New Approach 
Berndtsson, G. 1999/17/I  Tomorrow's Standards — Where are we Heading? 
——— 2004/21/I-II  Peak Inhalation Air Flow and Minute Volumes Measured in a Bicycle Ergometer Test 
——— & Ekman, L. 2003/20/III-IV  A New Simplified Technique for Measuring Inspiratory Flow Characteristics 
Bekdash, O., Chapain, P., Johnson, A. T. 2013/30/1  Developing an Air Sampling System for Detecting Oxygen Leaks from the Facepiece of a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus 
Bergman, M. S.; Viscusi, D. J.; Palmiero, A. J.; Powell, J. B.; Shaffer, R. E. 2011/28/I  Impact of Three Cycles of Decontamination Treatments on Filtering Facepiece Respirator Fit 
——— ; Basu, R.; Lei, Z.; Niezgoda, G.; Zhuang, Z. 2017/34/1
Development of a Manikin-Based Performance Evaluation Method for Loose-Fitting Powered Air-Purifying Respirators
——— ; Zhuang, Z.; Brochu, E.; Palmiero, A. 2015/32/2  Fit Assessment of N95 Filtering-Facepiece Respirators in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Strategic National Stockpile 
Bidwell, J. O.& Janssen, L. L. 2004/21/III-IV Workplace Performance of an N95 Respirator in a Concrete Block Manufacturing Plant 
Bien, C. 1999/17/II  The Lawrence Livermore Test 
——— 1998/16/I-IV
Minimum Passing Fit Factor 
——— 2008/25/I-II  The Development of Respirator Protection Factors in the United States 
Brey, L. & Janssen, L. 2007/24/III-IV  Letter to editor — ref. Haupt & Paszkiewicz (JISRP 2006 III-IV) 
Brokaw, E.; Johnson, A.; McCuen, R. 2011/28/I  Improved Prediction of Minute Volume Flow Rates 
Brousseau, L. M. 2009/26/III-IV  Toward Better Fitting Respirators: Summary from a Workshop and Research Roadmap 
Brown, R. C.; Bagley, M. J.; Wake, D.; Thompson, J.; Pengelly, M. I.; Wright, M. D.; Plant, N. T.; Broughton, R. A. 1997/15/II  Spatial Deposition Pattern of Adsorbed Material in Activated Carbon Respirator Filters 
Buchner, M.; Buchner, B. 2002/19/I-II  A Study of Speech Intelligibility of Four Protective NFPA-Approved SCBA Facepieces Masks Equipped with Audio Mask Amplifiers 
Butler, K. M. 2008/25/I-II  A Computational Model of an Outward Leak from a Closed-Circuit Breathing Device 
Caddell, M.; Doney, B.; Bang, K. M.; Petsonk, E. L. 2007/24/III-IV  Respiratory Protection in U.S. Industry – an Evaluation of Program Quality Indicators and Occupational Health Outcomes 
Calder, S. 2002/19/III-IV  The Introduction of Quantitative Fit-Testing at the UKAEA Dounreay Site 
Campbell, D.; Doney, B.; Groce, D.; Greskevitch, M.; Syamlal, G.; Coffey, C. C.; Bang, K. M. 2005/22/I-II  Respiratory Fit Testing Practices in the U.S. 
Caretti, D. M. 1999/17/I  Effect of respirator Inspiratory Resistances on Respiratory Muscle Performance Following Long-term Exercise 
——— 1996/14/IV  Effects of Full Face-Piece Respirator Design on Detection of Peripherally Located Stimuli 
——— 2003/20/I-II  Influence of Respirator Design on Subjective Comfort
——— 2009/26/I-II  Comparison of Unmanned and Manned Test Measurements of Carbon Dioxide in the Breathing Zone of an Escape Air-Purifying Respirator 
——— 2009/26/I-II  Impacts of Respirator, Suit, and Helmet Wear on Head and Upper Body Range of Motion 
——— & Barker, D. J. 2004/21/I-II  Impact of Combined Respirator, Hood, and Helmet Wear on User Comfort 
——— & Coyne, K. M. 2006/23/I-II  A Quantitative Review of Ventilation Rates during Respirator Resistance Breathing 
——— & Gardner, P. D. 2003/20/III-IV  Quantifying the Heat Stress Attributable to Respirator Wear 
———; Barker, D. J.; Coyne, K. M. 2013/30/2  Simulated Workplace Protection Evaluation of a Dual Cavity Respirator Concept 
——— ; Coyne, K. M.; Barker, D. J. 2012/29/2  Effects of Respirator Inhalation Resistance on Low-to- Moderate Intensity Task Performance 
Chapain, P.; Bekdash, O.; Johnson, A. T. 2013/30/2  Flow Based Oxygen Leak Detection System in Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus 
Chazelet, S.; Silvente, E.; Eypert-Blaison, C.; Belut, E. 2016/33/2  Asbestos Fibre Sampling through a Facepiece Visor to Measure Workplace Protection Factor 
Chia, S.E.; Koh, D.; Takahashi, K.; Li, Y.; Imai, T.; Li, W.; Fones, C.; Ng, V.; Lim, M. K.  2006/23/III-IV  Appropriate use of personal protective equipment among health care workers in Singapore, China, and Japan hospitals during the SARS outbreak 
Cheberyachko, S.; Frundin, V.; Cheberyachko, Y.; Stolbchenko, O. 2017/34/1
Studying the Influence of a Filter Box Design on Respirator Resistance to Breathing
Chinn, M. J.; Hindmarsh, C. J.; Pears, L. A. 2002/19/III-IV  Carbon Fibres for Combined Particulate and Vapour Filtration 
Clayton, M. P.; Rajan-Sithamparanadarajah, B.; Vaughan, N. P.  2012/29/1  Performance Studies on Respiratory Protective Devices in the Workplace – Part I: Variation in Measures of Performance 
——— 2013/30/1  Performance Studies on Respiratory Protective Devices in the Workplace – Part II: Towards a unified approach 
Cloonan, T. K. 2001/18/II-IV  Law Enforcement Responders (LER): are they Protected in a Chemical, Toxic Industrial, Biological, Radiological and/or Nuclear (CTBRN) Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) Terrorism Incident? 
Coffey, C. C.; Zhuang, Z.; Lawrence, R. B.; Jenson, P. A. 2002/19/I-II  Comparison of Six Quantitative Fit Test Methods Using Full Facepiece Respirators with a Measurement of Exposure 
——— ; Zhuang, Z.; Campbell, D. L. 1998/16/I-IV  Evaluation of the Bitrix(TM) Qualitative Fit Test Method Using N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators 
——— ; Zhuang, Z.; Campbell, D. L.; Nyers, W. R. 1998/16/I-IV  Quatitative Fit Testing of N95 Respirators: Part II — Results, Effect of Filter Penetration, Fit-test, and Pass/Fail Criteria on Respirator 
Colton, C.E. 2015/32/2  American National Standard Practices for Respiratory Protection (ANSI/ASSE Z88.2-2015) 
Coulliette, A.D.; Perry, K. A.; Fisher, E. M.; Edwards, J. R.; Shaffer, R. E.; Noble-Wang, J. 2015/32/1  MS2 Coliphage as a Surrogate for 2009 Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) Virus (pH1N1) in Surface Survival Studies on N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators 
Coyne & Barker 2015/32/2  Respirator Speech Intelligibility Testing with an Experienced Speaker 
Dalamagas, D.; Coffey, C. C.; Zhuang, Z.; Lawrence, R. B. 2002/19/I-II  Exposure Profile Effects on the Concentration of Freon-113 in Exhaled Air 
Ding, F. & LeVan, M. D.  2010/27/2  Virtual Group Theory - A New Method to Calculate the Adsorption Equilibrium of Organic Mixtures for Respirator Protection Applica 
Ding, S-T.; Yao, H.; Yang, X-B.  2010/27/2  Respirator National Standard Development in China - A Perspective of Past Decade 
Doney, B.; Greskevich, M.; Middendorf, P.; Groce, D.  2003/20/III-IV  Which Substances Prompt Respirator Use? 
——— ; Hoffman, W.; Groce, D.; Greskevitch, M.  2004/21/I-II  Usefulness of Respirator Manufacturer User’s Instructions and NIOSH Approval Labels 
Fisher, E. M.; Williams, J.; Shaffer, R. E.  2010/27/1  The Effect of Soil Accumulation on Multiple Decontamination Processing of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Coupons Using Physical Methods 
Forster, J. A.  1997/15/III-IV  Selection and Use of Self Rescuers in Conjunction with Safe Havens in British Mines 
Frost, S.; Mogridge, R.  2007/24/I-II  Performance of an Airfed Loose-fitting Helmet and Visor Respiratory Protective Device Worn during a Simulated Printing Works Activity 
Frost, S.; Mogridge, R.; Roff, M.  2014/31/1  Fit of Filtering Facepiece Class 3 (FFP3) Respirators Part 1: A Comparison of Fit Test Methods 
Frost, S.; Mogridge, R  2014/31/2  Fit of Filtering Facepiece Class 3 (FFP3) Respirators Part 2: The Value of Fit-Checking and Simple Subjective Assessments of Fit as an Alternative to a Fit Test 
———  2014/31/2  Fit of Filtering Facepiece Class 3 (FFP3) Respirators Part 3: Suitability of FFP3 for Real Faces 
Gardner, P. D.  2003/20/I-II  The Effect of Moisture on the Face Seal Fit of Half-Mask Respirators 
Garrod, A. N. I.; Rajan-Sithamparanadarajah, R.; Vaughan, N.  2004/21/III-IV  An Innovative Approach to Respiratory Hazard Control 
Gibson, S. D.  2004/21/I-II  Respiratory Protective Equipment and the Management of Risk: Where Safety and Security Diverge 
van der Gijp, S.; Steenweg, L.  2004/21/III-IV  Respirator Performance during Military Field Trials 
Dennis Groce, D.; Guffey, S.; Viscusi, D. J.; Lynch, S.; Benson, S.; Zhuang, Z.  2010/27/1  Three-Dimensional Facial Parameters and Principal Component Scores: Association with Respirator Fit 
Groves, W. A.  2006/23/I-II  Personal Sampling System for Measuring Workplace Protection Factors for Gases and Vapors 
Han, H-S (R); Holm, R. L.; Prell, M. E.; Remiarz, R. J.  2012/29/2  Penetration of N95 Filtering-facepiece Respirators by Charged and Charge-Neutralized Nanoparticles 
Harrison, B. H.; Liang, S. H.  2005/22/I-II  Quantitative Fit Testing of Military Gas Masks with the TSI Portacount: Part II – Quantifying the Limitations and Recommendations for Use 
——— ; Harrison, C.; Liang, S.; Smith, S.; Croll, L.  2007/24/I-II  Laboratory Performance Testing of Powered Air Purifying Respirators 
Haruta, H.; Honda, T.; Eninger, R. M.; Reponen, T.;  McKay, R.; Grinshpun, S. A.  2008/25/III-IV  Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Performance of N95 Respirator Filters against Ultrafine Aerosol Particles Tested at Constant and Cyclic Flows 
——— ; Yuasa, H.; Shimizu, E.; Kimura, K.  2016/33/2  Breathing Recording Aimed to Provide Appropriate Test Flow Rate on Performance Evaluation of Respirators for Elementary School Children 
Haupt, N.; Paszkiewicz, P.  2006/23/III-IV  Breakthrough Measurements for Small-Capacity Cartridges at Elevated Flow Rates in Different Flow ModesSee also: Brey & Janssen (JISRP 2007 III-IV) 
He, X.; Grinshpun, S. A.; McKay, R. T.; Yermakov, M.; Reponen, T.; Lu, J.; Soroushian, P.  2013/30/2  Performance Characteristics of an Elastomeric Half-mask Respirator Modified with a Polymer Micro-Patterned Adhesive 
Hines, S. E.; Mueller, N.; Oliver, M.; Gucer, P.; McDiarmid, M.   pdf 2017/34/2 (4.84 MB) Qualitative Analysis of Origins and Evolution of an Elastomeric Respirator-based Hospital Respiratory Protection Program
Hori, H.; Ishidao, T.; Ishimatsu, S.  2003/20/I-II  Thermal Regeneration Method for a Respirator Cartridge for Organic Vapors 
Janssen, L. L.  2004/21/III-IV  Efficiency and Pressure Drop Effects of High Concentrations of Cement Dust on N95 Electret Filters 
———  2003/20/III-IV  Efficiency of Degraded Electret Filters: Part II – Field Testing Against Workplace Aerosols 
———  2009/26/I-II  Industrial Hygiene Principles and the Use of Assigned Protection Factors 
——— ; Anderson, N. J.; Cassidy, P. E.; Weber, R. A.; Nelson, T. J.  2005/22/III-IV  Interpretation of Inhalation Airflow Measurements for Respirator Design and Testing 
——— & Bidwell, J. O.  2006/23/I-II  Performance of Four Class 95 Electret Filters Against Diesel Particulate Matter 
——— ; Bidwell J. O.; Mullins, H. E.; Nelson, T. J.  2003/20/III-IV  Efficiency of Degraded Electret Filters: Part I – Laboratory Testing Against NaCl and DOP before and after Exposure to Workplace Aerosols 
——— ; Bidwell, J.; McCulloch, N.  2007/24/I-II  Performance of an N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator in a Grinding Operation 
Janvier, F.; Haddad, S.; Lara, J. 2017/34/1
Integrating a Toxicological Approach for Breakthrough Curves of Organic Vapor Mixtures in the Estimation of Respirator Cartridge Service Life
Jasper, W.; Hinestroza, J.; Mohan, A.; Thompson, D.; Baker, R.  2005/22/III-IV Effect of Phase of Toluene on Filtration Performance of Electret Filter Media against Di-Octyl-Phthalate Aerosols 
Jeffs, C. A., Smith, M. W., Stone, C. A., Crittenden, B. D., Perera, S. P.  2013/30/1  Low pressure drop respirator gas filters using adsorbent hollow fibres as an alternative to granular adsorbents 
Joe, P. S.; Floyd, E. L.; Lungu, C. T.  2012/29/2  Physical Fabrication and Verification of New NIOSH Digital Headform Designs with Skin-analog for Use in Fit Testing 
Johnson, A. T.  1999/17/I  Comparison of Treadmill Exercise Performance Times for Several Types of Respirators 
———  2006/23/III-IV Why Peak Flow Matters 
——— ; Dooly, C. R.; Coyne, K. M.; Sahota, M. S.; Benjamin, M. B.  1997/15/I  Work Performance when Breathing through very high Exhalation Resistance 
——— ; Koh, F. C.; Scott Jr., W. H.; Mackey, K. M.; Chen, K. Y. S.; Rehak, T.  2005/22/III-IV  Inhalation Flow Rates during Strenuous Exercise 
——— ; Phelps, S. J.; Scott Jr., W. H.; Koh, F. C.  2005/22/III-IV  Using Self-Contained Self-Rescuers at High Work Rates 
——— ; Scott, W. H.; Caretti, D. M.  2001/18/I  Review of Recent Research on Respiration while Wearing a Respirator 
——— ; Scott, W. H.; Caretti, D. M.  2001/18/I  Review of Recent Research on Communications while Wearing a Respirator 
——— ; Scott, W. H.; Caretti, D. M.  2003/20/I-II  Do Respirators Stress the Cardiovascular System? 
——— ; Scott, W. H.; Koh, F. C.; Francis, E. B.; Lopresti, E. R.; Phelps, S. J.  2006/23/III-IV  Effects of PAPR Helmet Weight on Voluntary Performance Time at 80-85% of Maximal Aerobic Capacity 
———; Scott, W. H.; Phelps, S. J.; Caretti, D. M.; Koh, F. C.  2005/22/I-II  How Is Respirator Comfort Affected by Respiratory Resistance? 
Jung, H.; Lee, S.; Lee, J.; Kim, J.; Tsai, P.; Yoon, C.  2014/31/2  Total Inward Leakage (TIL) Testing of Anti-yellow Sand and Quarantine Masks Using NaCl Aerosol
Kapoor, V.  2014/31/1  Extending the Perception of Speech Intelligibility in Respiratory Protection 
Kim, K.; Kim, H.  2006/23/III-IV  Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis of Commercial Half-Facepiece Respirators for Koreans: Structural Approach 
Kim, K.; Kim, H.; Lee, J.; Lee, E.; Kim, D.  2004/21/III-IV  Development of a New 3D Test Panel for Half-Mask Respirators by 3D Shape Analysis for Korean Faces 
Kim, J-H.; Roberge R. J.; Shaffer, R. E.; Zhuang, Z.; Powell, J. B.; Bergman, M.; Palmiero, A. J. 2017/34/1 Project BREATHE – Prototype Respirator Evaluation Utilizing Newly Proposed Respirator Test Criteria
Kimura, K.  1998/16/I-IV  Decline in Protection Efficiency in the Use of Dust Respirators 
King, W. P.; Sietsema, M.; McClain, C.; Xu, S.; Dhrimaj, H.   pdf 2017/34/2 (4.84 MB) Work of Breathing for Respiratory Protective Devices: Method Implementation, Intra-,Inter-Laboratory Variability and Repeatability
Kiryazi, N.  2011/28/I Performance Comparison of Breathing and Metabolic Simulators 
———; Shubilla, J. P.  2001/18/I  Self-Contained Self-Rescuer Field Evaluation: Sixth-Phase Results 
Koehler, R. H.; He, X. (K.); Grinshpun, S. A.  2014/31/2  A Novel Face Seal Design for Filtering Facepiece Respirators: Development and Pilot Testing In a Hospital Operating Room 
Koh, F. C.; Johnson, A.  2012/29/I  Flow Patterns in Loose-Fitting PAPRs Help Explain Low Protection Factors 
Lavanchy, A.; Liebi, R.; Hugi-Cleary, D.; Stoeckli, F.  2005/22/III-IV  Prediction of Filter Performances against Organic Vapours: Statistical Analysis of Breakthrough Times as a Basis for a Simple Prediction Model 
Lawrence, R. B.; Campbell, D. L.; Myers, W. R.; Calvert, C. A.; Jensen, P. A.; Coffey, C. C.  2003/20/I-II  Determining the Efficacy of Fit-Test Protocols Using N95 Filtering-Facepiece Respirators — Alternative Approaches 
Lei, Z.; Yang, J.  2013/30/2  Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Respirator Fit Evaluation - A Pilot Study 
Liang, S. H.; Harrison, B. H.  2005/22/I-II  Quantitative Fit Testing of Military Gas Masks with the TSI Portacount: Part I – Identifying the Limitations 
Lisowski, A.  1999/17/II  Performance of Glass Fiber Filter Material Measured with Monodisperse and Standard Aerosols 
Mackey, K. R. M.; Johnson, A. T.; Scott, W. H.; Koh, F. C.  2005/22/I-II  Over Breathing a Loose-Fitting PAPR 
McKay, R. T.; Bradley, J.  2005/22/III-IV  Evaluation of Three New Fit Test Protocols for Use with the TSI PortaCount 
Metzler, R. W.  2002/19/I-II  Improving Respiratory Protection through International Partnerships by Increasing Knowledge, Enhancing Education and Developing Technologies 
——— ; Spelce, D.; Johnson, J.S.; Rehak, T.R  2016/33/1  Effective Respiratory Protection Achieved through Partnership, Legislation, Regulation and, American National Consensus Respirator Standards – An underpinning of ANSI/ASSE Z88.2–2015 Practices for Respiratory Protection 
Miller, T.; Krasner, E.; Alon, U.  2005/22/I-II  Civilian Protective System – CAPS2000 
Monaghan, W. D., Roberge, M. R., Rengasamy, M., Roberge, R. J.  2009/26/I-II  Thermal Imaging Comparison of Maximum Surface Temperatures Achieved on N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators with and without Exhalation Valves at Sedentary Breathing Volumes 
Mostofi, R.; Bahloul, A.; Lara, J.; Wang, B.; Cloutier, Y.; Haghighat, F.  2011/28/I  Investigation of Potential Affecting Factors on Performance of N95 Respirator 
Neesham-Grenon, E., Lavoie, J., Cloutier, Y., Marchand, G., Debia, M.  2013/30/1  BioProtect Tool: a Control Banding Method for Respirator Selection against Bioaerosols 
Nelson, G. O.; Strong, M.; Hoag, S.  2007/24/I-II  Respirator Cartridge Breakthrough Testing of Substituted Silanes and Siloxanes 
Nelson, T. J.; Janssen, L. L.; Luinenburg, M. D.; Mullins, H. E.  2003/20/III-IV  Development of an Abbreviated Qualitative Fit Test Using Bitter Aerosol 
——— & Mullins, H. E.  2004/21/I-II  Recommendations for the Acceptance Criteria for New Fit Test Methods 
Nicas, M.  2005/22/I-II  Use of a Probalistic Infectious Dose Model for Estimating Airborne Pathogen Infection Risk: Application to Respiratory Protection 
Niezgoda, G., Benson, S. M., Eimer, B. C., Roberge, R. J.  2013/30/1  Forces Generated by N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Straps 
Nuckols, M. I.; Rudolph, J.; Hughes, R. J.  1997/15/I  Thermal Analysis of a Firefighter's Breathing Gas Cooler 
Oestenstad, R. K.; Maples, E. H.; Beasley, T. M.  2008/25/III-IV Inclusion of African-American Male Respirator Wearers in the NIOSH Bivariate Fit Test Panel and the Los Alamos National Laboratory Full-Facepiece and Half-Mask Panels 
—— & Lynch, S. M.  2008/25/III-IV  Exhalation Valve Leakage Measured by a Negative Pressure Fit Test Method and its Effect on the Measurement of Human Subject Fit Factors 
Pelfrey, S. H.; Mathers, G.; Richardson, G. S.  2010/27/2  The Development and Assessment of a Dual Cavity Respirator 
Peters, R. H.; Vaught, C.; Hall, E. E.; Volkwein, J. C.  2007/24/III-IV  Miners’ Views about Personal Dust Monitors 
Peterson, J. A.; Merinar, T. R.  1997/15/III-IV  Respirator Maintenance Program Recommendations for the Fire Service 
Rengasamy, S.; Verbofsky, R.; King, W.P.; Shaffer, R. E.  2007/24/I-II  Nanoparticle Penetration through NIOSH-approved N95 Filtering-facepiece Respirators 
———, Eimer, B. C.; Shaffer, R. E.  2008/25/I-II  Nanoparticle Filtration Performance of Commercially Available Dust Masks 
———, Miller, A., Eimer, B. C., Shaffer, R. E.  2009/26/I-II  Filtration Performance of FDA-Cleared Surgical Masks 
Richardson, A. W.; Hofacre, K. C.; Weed, J.; Holm, R.; Remiarz, R.  2013/30/2  Evaluation of a Faster Fit Testing Method for Full- Facepiece Respirators Based on the TSI PortaCount® 
———; Hofacre, K. C.; Weed, J.; Holm, R.; Remiarz, R.  2014/31/1  Evaluation of a Faster Fit Testing Method for Elastomeric Half-Mask Respirators Based on the TSI PortaCount® 
———; Hofacre, K. C.; Weed, J.; Holm, R.; Remiarz, R.  2014/31/1  Evaluation of a Faster Fit Testing Method for Filtering Facepiece Respirators Based on the TSI PortaCount® 
Roberge, R. J.; Zhuang, Z.; Stein, L. M.  2006/23/I-II  Association of Body Mass Index with Facial Dimensions for Defining Respirator Fit Test Panels 
Rottach, D. R.; Lei, Z. pdf 2017/34/2 (4.84 MB) Stockpiled N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator Polyisoprene Strap Performance
Rusch, O. W.; Reponen, T.; Ronk, C. J.; McKay, R. T.  2008/25/III-IV  Evaluation of User's Ability to Seal Respirator Cartridge Inlet Openings of Different Sizes and Shapes 
Sandbacka, S.  2001/18/II-IV  The Evolution of a Filter Family 
Scanlan, S.; Roberts, W.; Gray, B.  2003/20/I-II  Measurement of Operational Fit Factors for Soldiers Wearing the S10 Respirator 
Seo, H.; Song, Y.; Kim, C.; Kim, H.  2014/31/1  Recommended Requirements, Test Methods, and Pass/Fail Criteria for a “B95” Respirator for Healthcare Workers 
———  2016/33/1  Characteristics of Korean Children’s Facial Anthropometry Evaluated by Three-dimensional Imaging 
Shaffer, R. E.; Zhuang, Z.; Bergman, M. S.; Roberge, R. J.; Kim, J-H  2014/31/1  Recommended Requirements, Test Methods, and Pass/Fail Criteria for a “B95” Respirator for Healthcare Workers 
Sietsema, S.; Bodurtha, P.; Dickson, E.; Brosseau, L. M.  2015/32/1  Evaluating Simulated Workplace Protection Factors for a First Responder Low-Level Protective Ensemble 
Sinkule, E.J.; Powell, J.B.; Rubinstein, E.N.; McWilliams, L.; Quinn, T.; Pugliese, M.  2016/33/2  Physiologic Effects from Using Tight- and Loose-Fitting Powered Air-Purifying Respirators on Inhaled Gases, Peak Pressures, and Inhalation Temperatures During Rest and Exercise 
——— ; Turner, N.; Eschenbacher, W.  2002/19/I-II  Metabolic and Respiratory Responses during the Performance of a One-hour Man Test 4 
Specter, H.  2007/24/III-IV  Public Use of Respiratory Protection from Nuclear Power Plant Accidents and Terrorist Attacks 
Spelce, D.; McKay, R.T.; Johnson, J.S.; Rehak, T.R.; Metzler, R.W.  2016/33/2  Respiratory Protection for Oxygen Deficient Atmospheres 
Spelce, D.; Rehak, T. R.; Metzler, R.; Johnson, J. S.   pdf 2017/34/2 (953 KB) Pre-World War I Firefighter Respirators and the U.S. Bureau of Mines Involvement in WWI
Symons, D.  2012/29/2  Use of Speech Transmission Index (STI) for Voice Intelligibility Testing of Respiratory Protection Devices and Proposed Measurement Method 
Takahashi, M.; Mano, Y.; Shibayama, M.; Yamami, N.  1999/17/IV  Acceptability of Elevated Breathing Gas Temperature and Humidity in Relation to Ventilation Rate 
——— ; Mano, Y.; Shibayama, M.; Yamami, N.  1999/17/IV  Effects of Elevated Inhaled Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations on Respiration and Metabolism during Moderate Exercise 
Timofeeva, N. T.  1997/15/III-IV  PPE Certification in Russia 
Traugot, T. M., Honig, H., Frishman, G., Hizkia, K., Lavie, Y., Priel, Y., Fichman, R., Roter, H., Shuali, U., Nir, I., Krasner, E.  2009/26/I-II  Children & Infants Respiratory Protective System - CHIRPS 
Tuinman, I. L.; Albers, T. J.; Geers, L. F. G.  2007/24/I-II  The Effect of Sampling Probes on Measured Protection Factors in Military Gas Masks 
Vaught, C.; Mallett, L.; Brnich Jr., M.; Peters, R.  2004/21/I-II  Expectation vs. Experience: Training Lessons Based upon Miners’ Difficulties when Using Emergency Breathing Apparatus 
Viscusi, D. J.; King, W. P.; Shaffer, R. E.  2007/24/III-IV  Effect of Decontamination on the Filtration Efficiency of Two Filtering Facepiece Respirator Models 
Vo, E.; Shaffer, R  2012/29/I  Development and Characterization of a New Test System to Challenge Personal Protective Equipment with Virus-Containing Particles 
Vojtko, M. R.; Roberge, M. R.; Vojtko, R. J.; Roberge, R. J.; Landsittel, D. P.  2008/25/I-II  Effect on Breathing Resistance of a Surgical Mask Worn over a N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirator 
Wallaart, J.  2002/19/I-II  Respiratory Protection: Prescription without Diagnosis 
Wang, A.; Richardson, A. W.; Hofacre, K. C.  2012/29/I  The Effect of Flow Pattern on Collection Efficiency of Respirator Filters 
Weed, J.  1996/14/IV  Training is the Key to a Good Respirator Fit Test Program 
Williams, W. J.  2010/27/1  Physiological response to alterations in [O2] and [CO2]: relevance to respiratory protective devices 
Wood, G. O.  2009/26/III-IV  D-R Plots and Typical Parameters for Several OV and Multigas Cartridges and Canisters 
———  2015/32/1  Correlating and Extrapolating Air-Purifying Respirator Cartridge Breakthrough Times – A Review 
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