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Volume 38, Number 1, 2021 (Open Access)


The Journal of the International Society for Respiratory Protection (JISRP), ISSN 0892-6298, is a copyrighted publication of the International Society for Respiratory Protection (ISRP), No part may be reprinted without express written consent of the ISRP. The JISRP is a forum for open and responsible discussion in the field of respiratory protection. All opinions published herein are solely those of the authors.

The ISRP is a non-profit organization whose charter is to provide an educational and informational service to all individuals involved in respiratory protection. The JISRP is published semiannually and provided free of charge to ISRP members in good standing. Instructions for submitting manuscripts, articles and letters can be found at the back of this publication.

This Journal was edited by Ziqing Zhuang, Ph. D., 105 Eaglebrook Court, Venetia, PA 15367 USA, tel: +1-412-848-0409, ; in his private capacity. No official support or endorsement by CDC is intended or should be inferred.