The International Society for Respiratory Protection

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Journal of the International Society for Respiratory Protection

Vol. 39, No. 2, 2022

105    An Innovative Approach to Evaluating Protection Level of Tight-Fitting PAPRs when Face Seal Is Compromised ... Dmitri Kazakov, Graham Powe, and Jintuo Zhu


131    Demonstration of a Reusable Mask in a Tubular Design that Provides Universal Fit and Protection from Respiratory Hazards ... Chris Baglin, Axel Bawor, Mia Burleigh, Claire Chalmers, Chris Easton, Fiona Henriquez, William Mackay, and Paul Baglin


145    Assessment of a Novel Low-Cost Personal Respirator Evaluation Device ... Quinton F. Burke, Kevin Aroom, and Martha O. Wang


160    Enhanced Duration SCBA ... Hans Almqvist