The International Society for Respiratory Protection

2018 Hyatt Award

The 2018 Hyatt Award for Outstanding Scientific / Technical Contributions in the Field of Respiratory Protection was awarded to Ziqing Zhuang at the Denver Conference.

The Hyatt Award is given to those individuals who have made significant scientific and technical contributions to the field of respiratory protection.  Ed Hyatt was the founder and leader of the Los Alamos Respirator Research and Development Section, Chairman of the Joint AIHA-ACGIH Respiratory Protective Devices Committee, and member of the ANSI Z88 committee on respirators. Mr. Hyatt is best known for focusing attention on quantifying the efficiency of the respirator and methods of accomplishing this goal.

Past winners include:

2016 Ian Maxwell
2014 Craig Colton
2014 Andy Capon
2012 Wolfgang Drews
2008 Gerry Wood
2006 Richard W. Metzler
2004 Kaisaburo Shigematsu
2002 Jacques van Bokhoven

Ziqing Zhuang has produced 84 peer-reviewed journal publications, authored 12 book chapters, and contributed to numerous conference proceedings. He has led and participated in many standards development committees nationally and internationally. Additionally, serving the vital role of ISRP Journal Editor for more than a decade, he has substantially advanced the accomplishment of the ISRP mission worldwide by assuring experts have peer-reviewed researched information to apply universally for improving worker respiratory protection. яндекс

The award nominating committee consisted of: Maryann D’Alessandro, Mike Williams, Graham Powe, and Isao Kuniya.

Pictured: Ziqing Zhuang, Michael Parham