The International Society for Respiratory Protection

2021 Education Workshop Programme

The aim of the 2021 International Society for Respiratory Protection - European Section educational workshop series is to introduce attendees to the role of respiratory protection in response to a range of airborne hazards, the lessons learned from working in such hazardous environments and the technologies used and measures that may be taken to respond to such hazards.

Registration will open for workshops on a rolling basis.

The event is online and free to attend. Titles and presenters are subject to change. 


15 APR 2021 2:00 - 3:30 PM GMT

Face Coverings vs. Respiratory Protection Devices

RPD vs. Face Covering – Regulatory and Technical differences (Nick Baxter @ HSE, Mike Clayton @ 3M)

Face covering – pros and cons in preventing disease transmission (Brian Crook @ HSE)

Q&A Session – Ask the expert

Organisation Member Spotlight (Chris Dobbing @ Cambridge Mask Co)


18 MAY 2021

National Fit Testing Programmes (Poland)

Health Justification for Fit Testing (IMP) | Best Practice on RPD fit tests in copper smelter (KGHM) | Research activities on respiratory fit testing (CIOP-PIB) | Role of respiratory protection and fit testing in mining (WUG) | UK best practices on RPD fit testing (BSIF) | National guide on fit testing of RPD review and discussion. 

24 JUN 2021 

Basics of RPE Standards

UK/EN Update (Post Brexit) (BSI) | EN vs. NIOSH – Filtration Standard Differences (Standards Council Canada) | ISO – Harmonisation (Ex-ISO) | Q&A Session – Ask the expert

18 AUG 2021

Particulate Pollution – The PM2.5 Crises

Particulate Pollution – Origins and Effects (Durham University) | Particulate Protection. Latest Technical Innovations (DuPont) | Wildfires, Pollution and RPE Protection Challenges (QFRS) | Q&A Session – Ask the expert

7 OCT 2021

Confined Space – ‘The Hidden Hazard’

Basics of Confined Spaces (3M) | Challenges of CS Working (ESS) | Confined Space Case Study (French Fire Service) | Q&A Session – Ask the expert

9 DEC 2021

Radiological Hazards

Basics of Radiological Hazards (SRP) | Radiological RPD Testing – Challenges and Requirements (DIN) | Case Study – Radiological RPE Requirements in Decommissioning – Particulate Hazards | Case Study – Radiological RPE Requirements in Operational Use – Gaseous / Vapour Hazards (AWE) | Q&A Session – Ask the expert

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