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Respiratory exposure to volcanic ash

The Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions (HIVE) project prinicipal investigator, Claire J. Horwell, has written a supplement to the DISASTER newsletter of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).  The supplement summarizes the research and key findings on preparing for, and protecting communities from, respiratory exposure to volcanic ash.  


pdf Disasters Issue 130 Oct2020 Horwell (4.34 MB)

ISRP 2020 Webinar Series

2020 Webinar Series

The Role of Respiratory Protection in Response to Coronavirus.

The series completed in 2020.  Recordings are available to members.

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Oxford 2020 Conference Postponed

ISRP 2020 Oxford Conference Postponed

The European Section of the International Society for Respiratory Protection regrets to announce that owing to the uncertainties around resumption of normal business after COVID-19, the Oxford conference will be delayed to 22nd September – 26th September 2024, and will be held as originally planned at Pembroke College, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom.

Contact  with any questions you may have about the conference.

The ISRP European Section


The outbreak caused by the virus named 'SARS-CoV-2" and the disease it causes named 'COVID-19' continues.  This is an ongoing event and the situation will continue to evolve.  To stay up to date, please consult your applicable local public health resources for up to date information on the virus.  ISRP has been collecting resources and references provided by its members for the respiratory protection community.  CDC has prepared a FAQ document about respirators and their use.


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